Budapest Hostels

Animation City Hostel
However, as soon as you get there, and it is only a few minutes walk from the metro station, you will see that this is a hostel that believes in simplicity although that does not have to be a bad thing. More Info

Mandala Hostel
The one thing that hits you with this hostel is just how cosy it feels from the moment you walk inside. The fact that this place is run by a small group of people just adds to the general feeling and it does come across as if you are staying with some long lost friend and you are spending the time trying to catch up with one another. More Info

Adagio Hostel 1.0
The fact that it is in the Oktogon area of the city is great news for you because it does mean you will not have far to go in order to check out the various things that the city has to offer. Also, the staff that work in the hostel are going to be only too happy to actually help you out and point you in the direction of what to do next. More Info

Maverick Hostel
Furthermore, no matter which side you are staying on, as both have major positives, there is no doubt that you are going to be aware of how clean everything is even the communal areas where you can enjoy getting to know the different guests from all around the world. More Info

Amazing Hostel
The decor is such that you feel you can just be laid back as it is not in your face and nor are the staff who just allow you to get on with your stay while always knowing that they are in the background and able to help you should you require their assistance. More Info